HY COAT The hybrid technology revolutionary coating

17 March 2020

The hybrid coating, reinventing the coating process

HY COAT goes beyond the traditional water-based and solvent-based coating systems. The exclusive formula concentrates all the advantages of the main families of products in one solution.

  • Water-based coatings low emissions
  • Polyesters high build
  • Polyurethanes ease of use
  • Acrylics crystal clear look
  • Amazing drying speed


Obtain the best of all existing technologies with just one product

Boosted adhesion
Thanks to its incomparable adhesion properties, HY COAT protects and enhances wooden substrates, both veneers and solid woods; it marks and defines well the pore and doesn’t raise the wood fibre.

Shorter coating process
Having 80% of solids content, HY COAT guarantees the extremely high build, with identical standards to the polyester range. Moreover, the hybrid coating extremely reduces drying times allowing faster coating processes. The most demanding users can overcoat HY COAT with a very short interval with any kind of product.

Very low VOC and COV emissions, comparable to the water-based coatings world
HY COAT is the product, matching unique performances with safeguard of the planet. It stands out thanks to its extremely low VOC emissions compared to the convential solvent-based products, thus being comparable with the average features of water-based coatings. The build being equal, HY COAT releases into the atmosphere almost half of the VOC emitted by a polyester coating.

Crystal clear and white: unique on wood
A unique product to obtain quality furniture, available in two versions: crystal clear or white. Thanks to its amazing non-yellowing power, in its crystal clear version, HY COAT maintains the perception of natural wood and does not modify the original tonality of the timber species.

Suitable barrier for the most difficult woods
HY COAT is also a barrier particularly suitable to shield woods with difficult pores.

Directions of use

HY COAT is a 2k product, to be used with 50% of hardener. It has a 2-hours pot life. It can also be applied by means of 2k spray guns.

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