the eco-friendly

Aquaris range is packed inside exclusive Evergreen cans and reduces the disposal of special wastes.

Packagings contaminated with coating are considered special wastes and, as such, must be disposed of. Evergreen is a tinplate can internally coated with a high-density polyethylene foil.

It is a very resistant material, which adheres precisely to the body and bottom of the packaging.

Once the coating in the can has been used up, the coating-stained polyethylene foil is removed and disposed of, leaving the metal part of the packaging untouched, which can be recycled.

The dirty polyethylene foil weighs a little more than a tenth of a tin can. Thus, disposal costs are reduced by 85%.

A nice saving with obvious positive effects on the environment as well.

Other advantages
of tinplate

To demand Aquaris coating in Evergreen packaging is not only to make an environmentally conscious consumer choice (less special waste, more recycling of iron materials). The use of packaged coatings in the new Evergreen cans has further advantages for the user: