Skyline Metallic look coatings are the most exclusive solutions to provide a metallic effect to interior surfaces. The twelve shades contained inside this colour chart offer to interior and furniture designers the possibility to fill spaces with a refined urban look. The metallic pigments recall the skyscrapers of the cities mentioned, in addition to speed […]


FLOOR PRESTIGESERIE RBRiga A | Colonna 1RBNT7080,35EY M690 C027,5EY M690 C013,8EY M690 C700,85EY M690 C773FLOOR PRESTIGESERIE RBRiga A | Colonna 2RBNT7088,21EY M690 C0210EY M690 C090,52EY M690 C030,22EY M690 C351,05FLOOR PRESTIGESERIE RBRiga A | Colonna 3RBBC7098,6EY M690 C090,13EY M690 C600,47EY M690 C700,8FLOOR PRESTIGESERIE RBRiga A | Colonna 4RBBC7097,8EY M690 C010,4EY M690 C350,6EY M690 C771,2FLOOR PRESTIGESERIE RBRiga […]

No-tannin shades

NO-TANNIN SHADES OVERCOATING (FOR ALL COLORS) UPPER SIDE: 2 x YO-05M718 cat. 5% YC—M404 by spray BOTTOM SIDE: 2 x YO-10U851 cat.10% YC—M404 by spray