We are with workers,
the community and our territory

The financial crisis put the corporate social responsibility at the centre of the industrial debate.
Today, citizens are more aware of their consumer rights. They can choose companies that follow measurable ethical principles and can act not only accordingly to their traditional parameters of convenience, product quality and easy access.

Renner Italia adopts organisational, productive and communicative models that support employees and reference communities and territories.

These models underline two requirements

they go beyond legal rules / e.g. a fourteenth month pay not provided for the Collective agreement is integrated in Renner Italia’s agreements /

they are structured, so they are not occasional or instrumental / e.g. La Buona Vernice is an organic initiative for non-profit support /

Renner produces also intangible values, not only profit.


May the industry have objectives? Can they be located only in the profit index?

Adriano Olivetti



Renner Italia too is one of the companies that believe in new types of local area agreements. The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera published an article by Andrea Rinaldi “L’asilo entra in busta paga” (the kindergarten is paid by the company in the pay check). Rinaldi writes: “Once upon a time, there was the salary increase. Now, after seven years of recession, that is just a dream. Salaries have been reduced (if not disappeared after bankruptcy and closures), substituted by welfare or health care benefits, families support or free time improvements in the local agreements signed with trade unions […]”.


Non-profit is taking off
on the wings of La Buona Vernice

Renner Italia was involved in many social responsibility actions in the last few years. We supported projects to fight poverty, drugs and violence on women; to help migrants’ integration and social inclusion of excluded people; to support disabled people and cultural activities…

Since 2015, our corporate social responsibility is more organised.
We created La Buona Vernice, Renner Italia’s main social responsibility platform.

Every year, thanks to La Buona Vernice, we donate 35.000 euros to 10 non-profit projects in the fields of:

Assistance and Solidarity

Cultural promotion

Sport promotion

that Renner Italia’s Community and Network consider worthy.

La Buona Vernice is based on a system of online vote that is meant to be




Throughout this system of voting we can

Guarantee the same opportunities to every non-profit organisation

Include people in the decision process